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Story of Us…The Rink

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Story of Us…The Rink
Story of Us…The Rink

A few weeks later, I headed to Jaime’s party. I was pretty excited to get to meet some new people. I thought I would be nervous, but for some reason, I wasn’t. I spent a very healthy, normal, preteen amount of time picking out an outfit for my first social event. I got dressed and was just ready to see some people who could help me find my “new normal”. I looked in the mirror before getting in the car to go and thought, “Yeah. That’ll work. It’s just a birthday party…don’t overthink it!”

Jaime’s party was at a skating rink, and I loved to skate.  I had taken dance, but still considered myself to be somewhat “gracefully challenged”most of the time, but I wasn’t clumsy on skates and was sure that, at the very least, I wouldn’t make a fool of myself. I loved going around the rink with the wind blowing my hair back. It felt very freeing.

Jaime had what seemed like 50 people there: several kids our own age,  and some kids that I found out went to the school I would be attending. So falling down or making an idiot of myself at this party could have significant ramifications on my school status. I also found out that some of the people there were her family. Of course, her mom and little sister, Chelsea, were there. Jaime skated with me for a bit and would point to everyone and tell me who they were as we passed them (or, more likely, they passed us as we were not exactly “experienced skaters”). She named about ten names, and then she pointed to a kid on the opposite side of the rink. It was a boy a little older than me. She said, “ Oh, and that’s my cousin, Jordan”. He was a taller boy with thick, dark brown hair and a strong physique. He was skating quickly around the rink in his roller blades. Something weird happened at that moment. “Please don’t let me fall on my face today!”

The night went the way a normal party would. Everything was completely uneventful. We skated, we ate cake, we had fun and nothing catastrophic happened, except that I met Jordan. Therefore, an uneventful birthday party at a skating rink basically became my equivalent of the Declaration of Independence. My little 12-year-old world had completely changed.

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We are a family of four just trying to figure out what our "new normal" looks like in Manhattan! I'm Kayla, a 29-year-old creative with a passion for theater and writing. Jordan is a musician and experience pastor with a heart that loves people. And we have two awesome little girls, Jozlyn and Kendall. Our house is crazy...always full of energy and laughter.... and we have no idea what we're doing! Help us figure it out as we go!

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I'm Kayla. Mom of two, wife of one and new New York transplant. We're a family of four fumbling our way through our new normal in Manhattan! We're excited to learn as we go... we can't mess this up too bad, right? :)

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